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Our Home

I’m a nester. I’d much rather spend my money on homeware & furnishings, and spend my time lounging around in my own home than anything else. We’ve been in our current home for nearly 3 years. It’s only been since last August that we’ve actually been LIVING in it. For two years we were busy […] Read more…


Blog Love

I’m sharing the blog love today! My list of bookmarked blogs is ridiculous! It is so amazing how complete strangers can inspire you to either be more creative, see life in a different way, or just educate you on life on the other side of the world. I often tend to read blogs on Bloglovin’ […] Read more…


Cinco De Mayo

I thought I’d combine my ‘Guilty Pleasures’ and ‘Cinco De Mayo’ posts because I just happened to have the two together today! One of my guilty pleasures is sitting at the breakfast bar and eating pickled cucumbers/gherkins straight out of the jar. I could eat these all day long! I know fried pickles are the rave […] Read more…

Japan Inspiration

Dream of Adventure

I’m just catching up on BEDM’s prompts, it’s been quite a busy bank holiday weekend! Today I’m writing about my dreams of adventure! I’ve been waiting for this year to come for a very long time. There have been so many times when I’ve wanted to have a career break. I initially wanted to have […] Read more…

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