Mrs B’s Year of 26

So, I turned 27 yesterday! I have no idea where my 20s are going!! So last year I vowed to take more pictures and made more videos- so I’ve got a little something fun for the blog today which you’ll find at the bottom of the post!

I did write a super long post about my reflections over the past 12 months- but I think I’ll post it another time- once I feel ready!

I had a very glamorous birthday yesterday! I was woken up by Rav in the middle of the night who sleepily wished me a happy birthday! I had yoghurt and hot lemon for breakfast- soon followed by Rav’s attempt at a ‘gravity cake’!! I had no idea what one was until I googled it- have a look for yourself and you will see what it was meant to look like!


Awww it made me laugh SO MUCH! One, because I LOVE Chocdips, but also because it looked hilarious, and I knew Rav had probably put a lot of effort into it! The base was carrot cake, and with the chocolate on top it tasted like one big fat Jaffa cake- DELICIOUS! Now a girl can’t complain when she gets to eat a big fat Jaffa cake for her birthday breakfast right?!


I spent the day at work, treated myself to a big tub of Farrow & Ball paint (DIY makes me happy!), then returned home, opened my birthday cards, cleaned up the kitchen, and was greeted by biggest bunch of flowers which included one of my favourite flowers- hydrangeas! We then went to a local curry house which we were meaning to try out for ages, and it was delicious! I finished the evening speaking with various family members and blew out a few candles on my cake! It was a simple but really nice, non-stressful birthday! We’re off to Roka this weekend-so I will let you know how that is!

For now I leave you with a little fun mishmash of moments from my year of being 26 years old! I hope you enjoy! Here’s to a year of being 27!


Homemade Strawberry Ice Cream

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After we picked our fruit at Garsons, we rushed back home and had a fruit for dinner!

We had so much fruit left so I decided to prep it and stick most of it in the the freezer and made homemade ice-cream with the leftover strawberries! We’re big fans of homemade anything in the Beri household and especially homemade ice-cream.

Rav bought an ice-cream maker when we were on students. It’s the one where you stick the bowl in the freezer for 24 hours then churn your ingredients in the bowl. There are more sophisticated ice-cream machines out there which don’t require you to stick the special bowl in the freezer the day before, but quite frankly, we were on a student budget, and this one churns out damn good ice-cream!

Strawberry Icecream 2 strawberry icecream 4 Strawberry Icecream 3 Strawberry Icecream 1

Here’s how to make Homemade Strawberry Icecream

**please note, this recipe is in NO WAY healthy (apart from the fruit), but a little bit of indulgence goes a long way for the soul!**

What you need:

1. 400g fresh strawberries

2. 100ml full fat cream

3. 100ml full fat milk

4. the juice of 1/2 lemon

5. 70g caster sugar

6. 2 teaspoons vanilla extract

What you do:

1. Chop the strawberries to your desired size, I like mine chunky

2. Whisk all of the ingredients together in a bowl

3. Add to the ice-cream machine

4. Churn until your desired consistency is reached

5. Eat a whole load and stick the rest in the freezer!


Surrey Life: Fruit Picking in Esher

© Reema Beri and A Cup Of Tea With Mrs B, 2014. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Reema Beri and A Cup Of Tea With Mrs B with appropriate and specific direction to the original content. If you do want to use any images/content please e-mail me.

Mid July Rav and I had a whole 5 days off in a row, at the same time! Getting this quality time together was a big deal to us, but we just didn’t want to pay the summer holiday premium prices for a quick holiday. With all of the glorious weather we’ve had, we decided to keep things simple by spending the week at home and opting to explore Surrey a bit more.

I had been meaning to go to one of those ‘Pick Your Own’ sites where you just wander the fields and pick your own fruit. On our week off I came across Garsons in Esher.Man, I was glad we went here. WE HAD SUCH A BLAST!

We spent the day just trawling through the fields, brambles, orchards and picked so much gorgeous fruit and veg!  You go around in your car, park up and then pay as you go along or pay at the end. We picked up strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, blackcurrants, carrots and beetroot. It was such a gorgeous, sunny day which made it even better.

We were expecting to pay around £30 with all that we harvested but were shocked when it all came up to only £7!! After we paid we went to the lovely farm shop, garden centre and cafe.

It’s an awesome day out and I highly recommend it! I can’t wait to go back!

Here’s a little video showing what we got up to!

**This post is not sponsored, I just really loved our day at Garsons and thought I’d share the experience with you!

Saturday Eggs

Poached Eggs 1

Whenever I have the same weekend off work as my husband we always make a point of having breakfast together because we often don’t get a chance otherwise!

If any of you follow me on Instagram or Facebook then you would have noticed a number of pictures of poached eggs popping up every now and again! We always opt for poached eggs on Saturday mornings, there’s just something about that ooze which makes the whole ritual of breakfast that bit more special!

I’ve had a number of people message me asking me how I make my poached eggs, so I thought I’d do a post on it! I am no chef, I may not even be doing it right, but my poached eggs taste lovely to me!

Here’s a video showing one Saturday breakfast I made a few weeks ago. I made grilled garlicky mushrooms with poached eggs, served with shop bought olive bread and avocado. I hope you enjoy! {Sorry some of the shots are blurred - I’ve never really filmed with the DSLR before so still getting to grips with it! Also, it may appear that I’m wearing a stripy dress with my nike workout leggings, I actually changed before I started cooking because I forgot my baggy tshirt which makes me look pregnant (which I’m not) would be in the shots!}

***thanks to my lovely husband for help film this, he was super patient!***

Here’s how you make poached eggs

1. Put the kettle on the boil

2. Pour the boiling water into a pan and put it on a low heat, you don’t want the water to be boiling vigorously, just a gentle simmer. you can add vinegar or salt to it like others do but I don’t add anything

3. Crack the egg into a small bowl

4. Using a wooden spoon swirl the water around the edge five times. In the video I sped the clip up because it was too slow and boring, so in real life you need to swirl the water about half the speed that the video shows!

5. Slowly pour the egg into the centre and leave it alone, put the timer on 4 minutes

6. At 2 minutes, just gently give the egg a nudge to make sure it’s not sticking to the bottom

7. At 4 minutes get the egg out with slotted spoon and lay it on some kitchen paper to dry off

8. serve with toast, avocado, ham, salmon, wilted spinach- whatever you fancy!


Bunny Loves Me


bunny 1

Many of you may know that I have THE cutest little niece ever! I helped throw a baby shower for her mummy last year (the beginning turned out to be a disaster- a 45 minute journey turned into a 5 hour journey when I got stuck on the wonderful M25- I had all the baby shower goodies for the setup- I CRIED LIKE A BABY IN THE CAR, IN STANDSTILL TRAFFIC, I GOT SOME WIERD LOOKS- but it all turned out amazingly fun in the end!).

Anyway 8 months on and baby Sienna is the most GORGEOUS little thing ever!,She’s turned into such little tinker!

We get daily pictures and videos of her hitting her milestones, accidentally twerking (whilst trying to learn to crawl), and hilarious clips of how quickly her attention can be drawn to the NO! NO! advert on TV no matter what she’s already preoccupied with!

It’s amazing how much we love we have for this little girl and she really has no idea how much she makes my heart feel warm and fuzzy!

Being Indian means that people don’t call you aunty or uncle unless you’re an acquaintance. In baby Sienna’s case, I am pretty much her’s mummy’s sister, so naturally she would call me ‘Massi’. BUT I didn’t want to be an ordinary Massi, so I chose the nickname of ‘Bunny Massi’, initially it was just a funny joke (I secretly loved the name!), and I really didn’t think it would stick, but it did! This now means I’m always on the lookout for bunny themed items for this beautiful girl!

I met Soumya from Made By Molu at the Photohunt earlier this year. I loved her blog post showing her custom made baby grow order. That, plus the fact that Soumya is pretty damn awesome, led me to ask her if she could make a custom made baby grow for Sienna. And this is what she made! HOW CUTE IS IT?!?! I was SUPER CHUFFED with it!

bunny 2


Sienna looked super cute eating the wrapping paper when she was opening it, but she looks even cuter in the grow! (I haven’t actually got a non blurry picture of her wearing it because she’s such a wriggler!-Sorry!)

Thankyou Soumya for this custom order- Sienna, her mummy, and I LOVED IT!

Pssssst! If you want some travel inspiration head over to Instagram and follow ‘HEXPOSURES’ to see pictures of Soumya’s awesome US roadtrip- I have such travel envy!!


Ten Things I Learnt from The Blogcademy

The Blogcademy



Many of you who follow me on Instagram or Twitter will know that I attended The Blogcademy last week. It’s a 2 day blogging workshop which covers everything about getting the most out of your blog. I wanted to go last year but couldn’t get the time off. So, when they released July dates last September, I was on it! I learnt so much on this course and got to meet lots of lovely ladies who I hope to see again soon! I did a post yesterday just showing random pictures I took at the course- you can see them here.

Here’s a few points that I learnt from the Blogcademy.


‘If it’s not a fuck yeah, then it’s a hell no!’- I love this quote by Gala Darling. Isn’t it so true how we end up doing ‘meh’ things in our lives? Often because we ‘have’ to or we don’t want to upset someone (someone who probably doesn’t give a damn anyway). This mantra is something that I will be applying not only to my blog but to my life too. This is MY time, and I’m done with doing ‘meh’ things. I’m not being arrogant, but making a choice to do something more exciting or you’re more passionate about shouldn’t be something you should feel guilty about- right?!


Blogging is a weird and wonderful world. I think it’s predominantly female based and it’s probably one of the very few places where the female species all get along, support and encourage each other. It’s so nice to be in a non bitchy, non catty environment! I hope it stays that way!


There’s no shame in having confidence. When I was growing up, my parents taught me to be modest- which I think is a good trait to have- that was until I went too far and just really didn’t think much of myself at all! In the blogging world you have to be confident and convey your personality because that is how others will remember you. I was really looking forward to The Blogcademy course, but I was really bricking it when I remembered that I’m going to be in a room for 2 days with complete strangers, with no bestie or husband to hold my hand. It really was like starting the first day of school again. I had to suck it up and throw myself into it- obviously I didn’t dance on the tables and get naked, but I was able to chat to and had Photo Booth fun with so many different ladies, and I really enjoyed it. This was pretty big for me, I’m quite a shy person, I know it’s probably hard to imagine someone having blog being shy, but this course gave me the opportunity to just get over it!


I LOVE FONTS & IT’S OK! I am not weird. I have a thing for fonts. YES. FONTS. I spend my spare time reading and researching fonts. What looks right, what looks crap, what the latest fonts are and where they can be best used. My husband thinks I’m weird, because every time we go out, I look at signs, menus, logos, and name the fonts. Or I’ll get really annoyed because people have used COMIC SANS for their business!-Font lovers will understand this! I have a Pinterest board for fonts and I laugh at font jokes. Strange? HELL NO! After day 1 of Blogcademy we all went for a drink, and I learnt that many of the ladies were JUST LIKE ME!- They too LOVED FONTS! I never understood why I was obsessed with fonts, until someone asked me WHY- it was then I realised it’s because fonts create an emotion. We read everywhere we go, we even read when we don’t mean to- you put a set of letters in front of our eyes and we will just read them. With everything we read there is a meaning or emotion attached to the way those letters are presented to us. This is why I LOVE FONTS.


It’s refreshing to be surrounded by creative humans. My job is science based so creativity is limited to some extent. It’s so fun to hear where someone’s blog is at the moment, where they hope it would go, how they’d like to rebrand and how they feel about where it’s at at the moment. It’s funny to hear that many other bloggers have the same thought processes as me, and it was so nice being able to discuss these issues together.


I have to set goals. Shit doesn’t magically happen. Essentially how am I  supposed to get to a certain goal if I haven’t even set it in the first place?! I often fall into the trap where I have so many ideas swimming around in my head and try to get them all down, but in the end I get totally overwhelmed and become unproductive. Setting straightforward, realistic goals should prevent me from getting into this rut.


I cannot be afraid of being vulnerable. Putting yourself out there on a blog, displaying parts of your personal life can be daunting. For me, I was worried about people judging and people thinking that I’m ‘showing off’, when in fact, it’s really not the case. I don’t think you can write a lifestyle blog without it being personal- how else are the readers meant to connect with you? This blog will only have the positive bits of my life in it, simply because personally I can’t stand ranty blogs and I don’t want my blog to become one of those.


I learnt just how much I love blogging. There are people out here who just don’t get it- they either smirk, or laugh when I tell them I have a blog. That’s ok, I choose to ignore it. This is my thing, and I’m totally ok with people ‘not getting it’ or not even willing to understand it- it is their loss. For me, blogging has opened up a new outlet of creativity, I feel GREAT about it. Plus the bonus is meeting amazing, inspiring, kind, funny, and just downright bloody awesome people in the blogging world!


Wearing bunny ears is SO much fun! They’re now sat on my desk, calling out for me to wear them!


To get anywhere in life you have to work hard. Many see blogging as a hobby, others see it as a career. For me, I hope it will open up exciting opportunities, whether it’s meeting new creative minds, travelling, reviewing products, publishing a book, starting a business, the possibilities are endless, and that is what I LOVE about blogging. It can be whatever you want it to be, it’s YOUR house, do what you want with it and in it! I feel like I knew what the possibilities were, but The Blogcademy has shown me how I can make those possibilities a reality! So thank you so very much, Shauna, Gala & Kat!


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